The H.O.P.E. Program

According to the 2016 census, there were 293 children born to mothers aged 15 – 24 years in the Sydney metropolitan area, of these births an estimated 139 children were removed and placed in out of home care before they were 12 months old.

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Family Recovery

Family Recovery works with the family and household members of people experiencing addiction.  This includes children whose parents are gripped in the vice of drug, alcohol and other addictions such as gambling.

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The Children's Contact Service (CCS)

The Children's Contact Service (CCS) provides supervised contact visits and changeovers for separated parents in Family Court parenting proceedings. The families we work with often experience one or more complex issues such as family violence, substance misuse, mental illness, and other trauma.

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Children's Contact Centre

The Children's Contact Centre provides support to parents and children who are experiencing separation.  It ensures that children safely spend time with the parent they don't live with and provides ongoing parenting support.

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Puberty Clues

Puberty Clues, is an interactive mobile APP featuring the provision of accurate and age appropriate information to empower school-going children to make safe, positive and informed decisions.

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AccessEAP has partnered with Curran Access Children's Foundation to provide welfare for families and children in need through a number of projects.

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