Therapeutic Listening Program

Children with sensory processing issues have benefitted from the provision of a state of the art device to integrate into the program.

It has helped the children to regulate and focus on their therapy activities. It has also helped them develop their social, gross motor and sensory processing skills.

Funding was also provided for Music Therapy. Numerous Music Therapy sessions have been facilitated for many of the children we provide a service for. Music Therapy has an amazing effect on these children. It is calming and often assists the children to focus on activities that may follow. They find it much easier to communicate with peers and adults not only in the sessions but also later at home, childcare, etc. It is also a learning experience for the families of our children and they are able to use the skills they learn as the involve music in their families everyday life.

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AccessEAP has partnered with Curran Access Children's Foundation to provide welfare for families and children in need through a number of projects.

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